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The Concept

  1. What is Chanakya Toy Library (CTL)?

    Chanakya Toy Library (CTL) is an online and offline toy Library. Basically we provide Educational Toys on rent to our members. In addition to toys, we also have books, puzzles, games, flashcards, charts, CDs which are designed for the overall development of a child as it’s prime motive.

  2. Why should I rent toys, when I can buy them for my kids?

    The answer to this is exactly the reverse of the question – “Why should you buy toys, when you can rent them?” There are many benefits in renting vis-à-vis buying. Children outgrow toys very quickly as they grow. Moreover, they love variety and get bored with the same toys. Renting is an economical solution as compared to buying. And our homes, too, don’t have space to stock unlimited toys. Renting toys enables parents to keep their homes clutter-free while also providing a wide range of toys for their kids.

  3. What Do You Mean By Skill Development Chanakya Toys?

    Kids learn while they play. Toys are a great medium for learning, that help children develop life skills and also make them confident and positive. At every growth stage, your child requires different types of toys for developing different skills, like Motor Skills, Hand Eye Co-ordination, Memory, Problem Solving, Reading & Language, Discovery & Learning, Social Skills, Imagination & Creativity. Each toy plays a different role in the growth of your child. We carefully select toys that will help your child develop the right skills at the right age.

  4. Why on-line and offline Library both?

    Benefits of Online Toy Library

    • In today’s busy schedule, an on-line library saves you a lot of time by sparing you from the trouble of actually visiting the library.
    • An on-line library allows you a number of benefits

      • You can browse through the entire stock that we hold irrespective of whether it is available for ordering on that day
      • Using our search features, you can easily search for a particular product you are looking to rent for your child
      • You can add products to your cart for ordering later
      • You can shortlist products by adding them to your favorites or wish list
      • Our user-friendly website also allows you to track your membership status, , your renewals, your current order and order history.

    Benefits of Offline Toy Library

      • Many Parents still prefer to visit Physical Toy library because they like to inspect the toy and then select for their kid.
      • Kids also love to visit Toy Library and spend some time by exploring new Toys till the time parents select a New set of Toys for them.
      • Parents also like to share their experience of Toy Library regularly by meeting our representatives in Library.

  5. How do I know whether Chanakya Toy Library provides its services in locality where I reside?

    Currently, we provide our services within the city of Kalyan Dombivli. To check whether we are present in your locality, you may visit the New Member Registration page on our website and check the "Area" drop-down to find out whether your pin-code is covered in the list.

Registration, Plans and Charges

  1. How do I register as a member?

    Chanakya Toy Library is an end-to-end online library. You can register online. In case you need any help with the registration process, you can call / WhatsApp on 9320667035 or write to us at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com and we will assist you.

  2. How do I pay?

    New Members: Cash at the time of delivery of the order or net banking (NEFT / IMPS/) or UPI prior to dispatch of the order or while receiving the order at your doorstep.
    Renewal members: Cash / cheque at the time of delivery of the order or net banking (NEFT / IMPS) or UPI prior to dispatch of the order or while receiving the order at your doorstep.

    UPI account: 9320667035
    Name:-: Chanakya Toy Library and Enterprises,
    Bank:- Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank
    Account Type:- Current
    A/c no: 104804180000210
    Branch:- Dombivli East
    IFSC: SVCB0000048
    Cheques in favour of ‘Chanakya Toy Library and Enterprises’.

  3. How can I decide which plan is best for my kid?

    We have a wide range of membership plans that suit your requirement and budget. In each plan you will be allowed to place an order up to certain limit on the Number of Toys and Number of Books. The ideal plan for you would depend upon how many kids you have and the number and number of products you would like to order at a time. In case you need any help with plan selection, you can get in touch with us at the coordinates mentioned above.

  4. Do you have any Trial plan?

    • Many parents have this question in back of their mind will his/her kid will play with the Toys.
    • Initially lot of kids don’t like to go to school, but still we as a parent insists to go to school every day as we think schooling is necessity of the child in his development.
    • We also think Toys are equally important for the kids overall development in the initial 8 years.
    • Hence we want parents to think for a long term perspective rather than just a trial and hence we insist parents to enroll minimum for year tenure.
    • We believe parents should be equally committed towards the development of the child rather than to trust on other for their kids development.
    • We believe parents are the ‘First Guru’ of a child and hence we want parents to teach their kid while they play, as initial years kids spend maximum time with their parents.
    • We also believe skill development won’t happen in 1-2 months hence we have to spend a minimum of 1 year to see the actual difference in the child.

  5. What if I do not want to become a member, but want to place a one-time order for a party or a play- date?

    We have special Party plans (Party–Mini, Party–Mega and Party-Jumbo) which are customized for parties and play-dates. We have a variety of toys and accessories to add more glitter to your parties.

  6. What are the various charges associated with the membership?

    • Registration charges – These are one-time non-refundable charges
    • Membership/Usage/Rental charges – These are recurring charges for using our services and are based on the plan selected by you. (This is also Non- Refundable or Transferable in any case)
    • Refundable Deposit – This is refundable at the time of termination of membership.

  7. If I have not placed Exchange order will my pending Number of toys will be added for next month?

    No, You have to place an order or visit Toy library regularly, Within a month we may allow you to place the order, but after the month the toys and Books for previous month will get lapsed and you won’t be able to use them. It will be considered that you are still using the previous month's toys.

  8. Can I take a break?

    Yes, You can take a break in the following ways, for any number of days:

    • Any time within the plan term by returning the products that you have in your possession, without placing an exchange order.
    • Suppose you are taking a break of 15 days in between your membership tenure by returning all toys then you will be allowed to take extra toys of 15 days after you resume your break.
    • After the expiry of your plan term.

  9. Can I pay the payment in installments?

    Yes, You can take a break in the following ways, for any number of days:

    • Yes, You can make 50% of the rental charges in first installment initially before or while taking the first order, remaining 50% of the Rental charges you can pay in the next month while your second order.
    • Deposit and Registration charges have to be paid initially only partial payment will be accepted in the rental charges.

Special Schemes

  1. Can I get a discount if we take a group membership?

    We do have special group schemes which offer attractive discounts. Write to us at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com or call / whatsapp on 9320667035 and our representative will take you through the offers that we have.

  2. I own a preschool/ activity centre can we subscribe?

    We do have special schemes which we offer. Write to us at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com or call / whatsapp on 9320667035 and our representative will take you through the offers that we have.

Search and Ordering

  1. What are the kinds of products that a member can choose from?

    We have the following types of products:

    • Toys
    • Books
    • Games
    • Puzzles
    • Worksheets
    • Flashcards
    • Charts
    • CDs

  2. Do you have products bifurcated by age-groups?

    Yes, all over products have an age-range (start age and end age). This will help you select the products appropriate to your child depending upon his/her age. However, these age ranges are indicative. We believe that every child is unique and every child learns at his/her own speed. We, therefore, strongly recommend that parents select the products based on the specific considerations of their child.

  3. How do I search for the toys / books that I am looking for?

    We completely understand the effort that goes into selecting the right products of your interests from the wide varieties of the products we offer, hence we have spend a considerable amount of effort in designing various methods of search which will help you to easily locate products of your interest.

    • Search Filters – the filters allow to you search by various category and age-group, with the provision of selecting multiple categories and age-groups in a single search. You also have the option of viewing all products matching the search criteria (regardless of whether they are available or in circulation) or viewing only the available products.
    • Keyword search (for searching whole or part of a word in the product name or product description)

  4. Can I make a shortlist so that I don’t have to browse through numerous pages every time I want to order?

    Yes, you can add items to your Favourites list/Wish list, which will act as a shortlist for future reference.

  5. Is any product category restricted for any plan?

    No, but for some Big toys there will be delivery charges applicable and it will vary from distance of the member from our center

  6. How do I order?

    It’s simple. Log-in to our website and click on the “Add to Cart” button below the desired product(s). The product(s) will get added to your Cart. Once you are done with your selection, click on the “Check Out” button on the Cart and your order will be placed.

  7. How many items can I rent at a time?

    You can order toys and Books as per your Plan limit.

  8. What do I do if the product I want to order is “In Circulation”, which means it is ordered by some other member?

    You can add the product to your Queue. We shall reserve it for you and notify you when it becomes available.

  9. If there is a particular product which I want to order but is not on your site, can that be arranged?

    Our team at Chanakya Toy Library is constantly researching on the toys, books etc. available in the market and we Endeavour to stock the most exhaustive selection for your kids. However, given the immense variety of kid’s products that keep entering the market today, it could always happen that we don’t have a certain toy, book or CD in stock. In that case, you can simply email us the exact name and brand of the toys/books. Upon receiving your request, we will source if we also think it is useful for other kids and also suits our budget as well.

Delivery, Exchange and Return

  1. Do I need to visit your library for picking-up / returning the toys?

    • Chanakya Toy Library offers its members the benefit of door-step delivery and pick-up hence you don’t need to visit our library.
    • If members wish to exchange by visiting Physical Library they can visit our offline center on the days which library is opened for the members to visit.

  2. How fast can I expect to receive the ordered items?

    • You will receive the ordered products within 4 working days from the date of your order. This applies to new orders as well as exchange orders.
    • If any delay we shall intimate the members well in advance.

  3. How long can I keep the items?

    • You can keep the toys for a maximum for one month if you are ordering toys for a month. Normally 15days is the duration to keep the toys. (This provision will be given to certain members only after finding the issue is genueine)
    • If parents wish to keep toys beyond the period limit then they won’t be allowed to place the exchange order for the next month.
    • We shall only allow to extend/Continue the toy if there is no other request or demand for the same toys from other members.

  4. Are there any extra delivery charges?

    • For every plan, there is a certain number of free deliveries. For additional visits, you would be charged Rs 100 per visit.
    • For Big toys category delivery charges will be applicable.

  5. How do I exchange / return the products?

    The process for doing this is extremely simple. You will find “exchange” and “return” buttons once you log-in to your account. If you wish to exchange, click on the “exchange” button and you will be taken to the products section for making your selection and placing the order. The selected products will be delivered to your doorstep within 4 days and the products in your possession will be picked-up. If you wish to return the items without placing an exchange order, click on the “return” button. The products in your possession will be picked-up from your doorstep within 4 days.

  6. Do I need to exchange / return all items at the same time?

    Yes, the entire order will be delivered / exchanged / picked-up at the same time.

  7. If my child is attached to one of your products, can I buy that product?

    Yes, you can buy the product from us, only if the product is available. For buying any product, contact us at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com and we will get in touch with you.

  8. What if I am not at home or in town on the date of delivery or pick up?

    Before delivery we would inform you of the date and approximate time of delivery. In case any changes are needed at your end, you can call us on 9320667035 or write to us at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com. We would try our best to adjust to you required delivery timing and date.


  1. How do I renew my membership?

    You can renew your membership by clicking on the “Renew” button on the “My Plan” page. This button will get activated once your plan term expires.

  2. What if I forget to renew? Will you remind me?

    We will send you a reminder as your renewal date approaches.


  1. How do I discontinue the membership?

    • For discontinuing your membership, you may send us an e-mail at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com or call / whatsapp on 9320667035 and our representative will get in touch with you for the formalities.
    • Registration fee and Subscription fee once paid are non-refundable under any circumstance.
    • If complete payment of rental is not done by the member and he wishes to discontinue due to some reason, then the member won’t be eligible to get back the deposit and it will be fortified against the unpaid amount of the rental.

  2. How soon can I get my deposit back if I chose to discontinue?

    • You will get your deposit back within 15 days working days from the date of termination or last set of toys are returned after deducting any balance dues or amount for damage of Toys/Books. Any unused amount of your membership plan will not be refunded.
    • Deposit will be only returned only via Bank or UPI and not by cash or cheque

Hygiene, Sanitization and Damages

  1. What steps are taken by CTL to ensure proper hygiene of the products, especially since these are used multiple times?

    This is an aspect we are extremely particular about. We give utmost importance to hygiene and cleanliness of the products. Each product is thoroughly cleaned when it comes back and also when it goes out again. It is re-packed if re-packing is required.

  2. What if the items are lost / damaged by me?

    Loss or damage is not uncommon and we fully empathize with our members in such events. If the Toy/Book is damaged in such a way that it does not impact the functionality of the Toy/Book, then you can pay us only the depreciated price of the toy/book which is 20% of the MRP. But if the damage renders the products unusable, it becomes necessary for us to replace the product to make it available to other members. In such cases, we would seek your cooperation by providing the same product to us or paying the 80 % of the MRP of the product. Please note earning by selling toys is not a motive but to keep maximum toys available for the member to place an order.

  3. What do I do if I receive items in a damaged condition or some of the items are missing?

    Our processes are robust and as a policy, we check all items before dispatching them to our members. Therefore, in all probability, you would not experience a situation like this. Nevertheless, if you do receive items in a damaged condition or some of the items are missing, please call our customer care department on 9320667035 and we will sort it out.

  4. Do I have to clean the toys before returning them back?

    Yes, we would highly appreciate if products are in clean and good condition while returning. It makes our process faster and more efficient.


  1. Can i get your products for parties/playdates?

    Yes,we do have but these will be customized packaged for such specific events. You can get in touch with us by writing to at contactus@chanakyatoylibrary.com or call or WhatsApp on 9320667035 for further details.

  2. What is a wish list?

    • Wish List is a list in which you can add the Toys and Books that you would like to order out in future. It becomes easy for a member to refer to your wish List to shortlist the items you want to rent out and you can place the order accordingly.
    • It becomes easy for Library admin to select the toy for your kid if a member is not able to select the toys or place the order due to some issues.

  3. Are there extra charges or late fees?

    No, We don’t charge members any late fees. However your next month’s rental cycle will start with the same set of toys and if your current membership plan is over then you need to return the toys or renew your membership within 2 days.

  4. Do You Provide Batteries For Battery Operated Toys?

    No, We don’t provide the battery with the electronic toys. However you can check the working condition of the toy with the delivery boy who comes to deliver toys at your place.

  5. I Am Only Interested In Taking Books From Your Library. Is There An Option?

    No, right now we don’t have a plan for only Books, we shall add soon.

  6. Will i get notification to place an order every 15days?

    Right now we don’t have an automated system integrated in the system for the auto remainders, but we shall try to remind every member individually. (Note this is just an add on feature and not an compulsory part of the service)