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Chanakya Toy Library is a start up venture started by two Passionate Engineers in year 2013 with a mission to promote play and learn concept in Dombivli. We as Youth have the responsibility to provide the necessary education to our young ones at an early age. Chanakya Toy Library started as a first of its kind 'Toys as a service' with the objective of providing children with the right toys at the right age for their skill development.

“When we make Play the foundation of learning, we teach the Whole child.” ~ Vince Gowmon

Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood. It allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical and emotional strength. It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact with the world around them. During play, children also increase their social competence. In addition to expressing feelings, children also learn to cope with their feelings as they act out being angry, sad, or worried in a situation they control. Pretend play allows them to think out loud about experiences charged with both pleasant and unpleasant feelings. Older children engage in spontaneous and structured play activities, they come to see themselves as good in some areas and less good in others. These opportunities to monitor and discriminate among feelings and emotions contribute to children's beliefs about their own capacity.

At Chanakya Toy library our mission is to provide a service that benefits both parent and child by offering a wide range of branded toys on rent for children from the age of 1 to 8-9 yrs.

The concept is pretty much the same as a traditional book library: you pay a fee, borrow an item and return it after a period in the same condition you took it. Members can browse through the online product catalogue on our website or can visit our offline center, and place an order for the toy(s) of their choice. The toy(s) would be delivered and picked up from your home.

Not many parents have a dedicated toy budget – a certain amount of money set aside every month just for toys. That's possibly because good quality toys are too expensive to be bought on a monthly basis.

But with the increasing popularity of toy libraries, it may just be possible to spend as little as over Rs600 a month for your child to experience a wide range of toys, games, puzzles, books and CDs.

Chanakya Toy Library is one of the most loved children Toys and Book Library in Mumbai Suburb.

Chanakya Toy Library commits to offer its members the following advantages.

  1. Our Toys help kids to develop the multiple skills which are required for the Holistic development of the child. We believe in developing the Multiple Intelligence (Dr. Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Therory) of the child rather than only the intellectual development.

    Multiple Intelligence
    • Linguistic Intelligence (“word smart”)
    • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (“number/reasoning smart”)
    • Spatial Intelligence (“picture smart”)
    • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (“body smart”)
    • Musical Intelligence (“music smart”)
    • Interpersonal Intelligence (“people smart”)
    • Intrapersonal Intelligence (“self smart”)
    • Naturalist intelligence (“nature smart”)
  2. Huge variety and wide categorization - We have a variety of toys, books, CDs, puzzles, encyclopedias, flashcards, worksheets, games and all that your child can fruitfully spend his / her time with.
  3. Catering to all age groups - The above items are available for all age groups, starting with a few months to 8-9 years. Our objective is to be with you regardless of your child's age and, more importantly, to be with you throughout the growth phase of your child.
  4. Easy and simple - Chanakya Toy Library makes available toys for your child "at the click of the button". We have an extremely user-friendly website that makes enrolling as well as ordering really easy with a few simple steps to follow or can visit our nearest center to enroll.
  5. Convenience - You can view our entire range of toys etc on our website and place orders online. Your orders get delivered to your doorstep and also get picked-up. This saves you the hassle of visiting shops / libraries during your hectic schedule. You can also view your order history and track your current order online.
  6. Economical cost - Our plans starts low as Rs 650 a month, which is a very nominal charge for our services, and this also includes delivery charges of the Plan.
  7. Impeccable service - We assured our members of excellent quality service at all times, in the following ways:
    • Strict adherence to date of time of delivery and pickup, as we value your precious time.
    • Prompt resolution of inquiries / queries over the phone or on e-mails.
    • E-mail notifications and reminders.
  8. Flexibility - Our plans and processes are structured with the objective of providing maximum flexibility to our members. Given below are a few examples:
    • Different plans to suit your needs
    • Ability to select a different plan at the time of each renewal
    • One-time trial plan without paying membership fees.
    • Single plan with a point system that lets you order products across all categories available on MyKhilona.com
    • No time-limit for retaining the products; hence, no hassles of returning the products by a particular date.
    • Ability to place orders at your convenient time.
    • Carry-forward of points from one plan period to another.
    • Ability to renew early in the event of early exhaustion of your point balance.
    • Ability to take a break during the plan period and reviving your membership without any hassles and as per your convenience.
  9. Safety and Hygiene - Anything that a toddler can lay his / her hands on, will find its way into his / her mouth. Fully aware of this fact, all our toys are made of non-toxic material. Further, we ensure that all toys are properly sanitized after every use.

Chanakya Toy Library strive to provide a fuller and a richer childhood, by learning through play. So, Keep Developing Young Mindz !!

Chanakya Toy Library Founders:

Our Current Team:

Expansion Plans

Alongside this exciting journey, our mission is to create a wholesome & meaningful platform for Educated and talented mothers who are looking for low investment, quick start, entrepreneurial, kids related work options.

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